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4 Simple Ways To Rekindle Romance in Your Marriage

4 Simple Ways To Rekindle Romance in Your Marriage

by Nicholas Richards

5 years ago

It’s always a beautiful thing when two people can come together, share their love with one another and enter into the sacred covenant of marriage. Who doesn’t love, love? But maintaining that love isn’t always simple.  Although getting to “I Do” is a piece of cake, it’s upholding and remembering everything else prior to those two simple words that’s challenging.  Throw your everyday life into the mix; work, caring for your children, school, family, church, balancing money, bills and maintaining friendships, and you can quickly see just how easy for the romance to become insignificant.  Ask any successful married couple and they will tell you the importance of maintaining a high level of intimacy and romance between you and your spouse. What’s a marriage without that little spark of love? So if you find that the flame has been put out in your marriage, here are 4 simple ways to rekindle the romance.

Check in with your spouse, randomly.

Sounds simple enough right? It is.  But many married couples do not communicate throughout the course of the day. We all know how vital communication is in ANY healthy relationship.  And with today’s technology, there is no excuse.  Make time in your day, even if you have to set a reminder and call your spouse.  A simple, “How has your day been so far” can make the world of difference. And if a verbal conversation isn’t feasible, send a text or an email just to let them know you are thinking of them.  Everyone likes to be cared about—and there can be something romantic about your spouse checking in on you.

Leave love notes around.

Rather than complain about what your spouse no longer does now that you are married, uplift them.  Try writing little love notes about what you find most attractive about them. Get creative—maybe write your message on decorative paper, or on the back of old photos.  Then leave them in a few easy to find places.  Write those words of loving encouragement and see the sparks start to fly again.

Go on weekly dates.

The courtship doesn’t end after, “you are now husband and wife”.  A surefire way to keep your marriage going is to always be in a courtship state of mind.  Yes, life is busy, hectic even.  You might even feel you don’t have enough time in a day.  Pray on it and try finding a couple hours in the week to plan a date with your partner.  We always make time for what we find important. So carve out a little time to spend with your spouse. Do something fun, work out together and get fit, take a walk or play a game, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish, just get together and bond again.

Attend Church services together.

As you should already be praying for each, find time to pray together.  A couple that prays together, stays together. But more importantly, attend services and/or classes with each other. Find out about a marriage ministry and get involved.  Hearing about and from other couples like yourselves may help you to see your marriage in a new way passionate way. 


Watch this Sermon for more inspiration:

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